Building Relationship between Principals and Parents: Why and How?

By: Admin 07 June, 2017

We know why teachers should maintain a good relationship with parents, there are a lot of articles on it on the internet. But why should a principal seek out opportunities to build cooperative relations with parents? Though their relation is a distant one than teacher-parent relationship, it is still valuable. Principals who embrace the opportunity to build the relationships with parents will find it to be a worthwhile investment.

What are the advantages?


  1. Earning Respect

Most parents have their own opinion on what is best for their kids. But when you have their respect, the disagreement will be easier to handle. Also, principals are not perfect, they’ll make mistakes. Being respected gives principals a little latitude when they do fail. Furthermore, if the parents respect you, the students will respect you.


  1. Trust is key

Trust is sometimes the most difficult thing to earn. Parents are often skeptical. They want to know that you have the best interests of their children at heart. Assurance and warm words of acknowledgement from the Principal will forever be in parent’s minds. The benefits of earning a parent’s trust are fantastic. Trust gives you the leeway to make decisions without looking over your shoulder, worrying about being questioned, or having to defend it.



  1. Feedback with Honesty

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a relationship with parents is that you can get feedback from them on a wide variety of school-related issues. Parents have great ideas. Many will never express those ideas because they do not have a relationship with a principal.


  1. Make your Job Easier

No one can deny that a principal’s job is difficult. There are so many unpredictable elements. When you have healthy relationships with parents, it simply makes your job easier. Making decisions, in general, become easier when you know that parents respect you and trust you enough to do your job that they are not going to be beating down your door and questioning your every move.


How to go about it? Strategies for Relationship Building:


  1. Talk on common topics

Principals spend a large amount of time after school at extra-curricular activities. This is a great opportunity to reach out and build informal relationships with parents. Find common topics to discuss. Talk about anything from the weather to politics to sports. Having casual conversations helps parents see you as a real person and not just as a figurehead for the school.


  1. Ask for Opinion

The best way to build these relationships is to reach out to parents. One simple idea for this is to randomly calls 5-10 parents each week asking them a short series of questions about the school, their children’s teachers, etc. Parents will love the fact that you are giving your precious time to ask for their opinion.


There can be many more ideas to implement for building relationships between Principals and Parents. The result is always fruitful and makes your tasks easier.


This article is inspired by and contains excerpts from ThoughtCo website. Read the original here.