Qualities of a Great School Leader

By: Admin 14 June, 2017

Many teachers struggle with the decision of changing their job to another school, or leaving the profession altogether. Most schools struggle with teacher retention issues. But what does it depend on? Experts say it is all about the school head, or the principal. A great school leader might not be able to solve all your problems, but will definitely reduce a lot of stress.


So, what are the qualities that make a great school leader?




A Visionary Leadership


A visionary leader is clear about what he or she believes and knows is best for children -- for their academic, social, and emotional learning. The individual belief of the leader and beliefs of other stakeholders have collaborated and developed into a vision statement. Also important element is that the experiences of students and outcomes are at the center of this vision. You'll know if you hear a vision if it makes you feel something good: inspired, motivated, excited, and so on.


A leader must follow the path to achieve the vision themselves. They must have a plan on how to implement this vision with everyday actions, and leading all stakeholders towards this vision.


Community Building


A head of school knows that they cannot implement the school’s vision alone. They know that working together as a team is essential. A healthy community will contribute to stability, retention, and investment. They know that as human beings, we crave deep bonds and connections. And a leader should know how to create these bonds.


You know you have built up a healthy community by the way you are greeted in the school campus by staff and students. If you see happy smiling faces, you have succeeded.



Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions and recognize, understand and manage the emotions of others. An emotionally intelligent leader is usually calm and grounded, empathetic, and is able to deal with conflict between people. Another important quality of an emotionally intelligent leader is the ability to take care of themselves -- to manage stress, health, relationships, and so on.


An emotionally intelligent leader will listen to you. They will not get distracted or impatient. They will give you genuine advice. They will help you and guide you.Emotional intelligence in a leader has been found to be the number one predictor of an organization's ability to be successful. Although leaders with high EQ are less common, they are out there.


This article has been inspired by an article on Edutopia. Read the original here.