Responsibilities of School Principal

The authority to exercise managerial powers is delegated from the Board, which retains the responsibility of the overall governance of school. The Chairman is responsible to provide strategic direction to the school which includes making decisions about strategy and policy, overseeing and monitoring school performance and ensuring accountability A well-conceived strategy that provides focus and leverages existing relationships & resources has to be drafted carefully to ensure effective governance. The school owner has to ensure that the same culture flows across all the branches, in case of multiple branches of the school.

After identifying possible sources of funds a school head, as a financial planner, has to draw up a plan for securing and expending the resources. For the plan to be expressed as a school budget a head needs to have some knowledge and experience of designing and managing a budget. The school owner is often trapped between Parent's expectations, increased recurring expenditure & state regulations to justify the required fees hike. A well defined school budget can help you get support from all and justify the raised fees as well.

To ensure high quality Principals, Boards of Trustees have the responsibility to develop and implement a Performance Management System, which includes a Performance Appraisal process. The principal/vice-principal performance appraisal fosters leadership development by providing them opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue about their performance, consider the support they need in order to achieve their performance goals & identify ways in which they can enhance their professional growth.

Branding is envisaged as a corporate term but schools are some of the most apparent brands we see. Managing a school brand can be an arduous task with so many people being responsible for outward communications. That is where a simple set of brand guidelines can come to the rescue. The school owner along with school principal is responsible to identify school’s unique competitive advantage & showcase it. It acts as on enrollment catalyst & help in recruitment of talented teachers. Brand internalization, the process of understanding and living the values through every aspect of a school’s function, becomes the bedrock of laying down a well-understood culture. If this is done well, the image of a school spreads through every brand touch-point, and becomes a continual self-generating process. It is all about telling the school’s story, telling it well, and unravelling it continuously.

School owners often are so busy or so cautious that they don't get to know their local reporters. Schools often overlook the fact that getting coverage of events and accomplishments can be as easy as letting local newspapers, radio stations, and cable TV channels know what's going on. Developing a good rapport with the media, as well as a solid plan for marketing a school are easy to do and can pay big dividends. In case of any eventuality in the school premises, the school owner has to handle the situation. No matter how awful or how minor, if an incident has captured the attention of the school or the community, the owner should be prepared to talk about it publicly and immediately.

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Above Responsibilities

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